Chandler Paris

Chandler Paris started his career (LinkedIn) as an equity market trader and since Y2K has worked with Institutional Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts and Capital Market Traders to transform information analysis into actionable intelligence.


In March 2019 Chandler founded LOGr Research ( with a mission to automate the research workflow of collection, retention and development of information. LOGr's "Delta Search System" gets only the new results for your search and a wide array of save features makes the data flexible for use. A LOGr user focuses on the subject instead of the task. LOGr techn surfaces content that focuses on the editors choice of articles that are indicative of trends (or, oddly, is enough of an outlier that there's a correlation).

LOGr Research selected as one of 2022’s top picks for the best Connecticut based Education companies.
How I Started This
Are you searching the internet correctly?

1990's ... Montgomery Securities

Chandler Paris LLC DBA

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