Carbon to Silicon

Is 'this' a simulation generated by a self-replicating machine to find the feasibility of alternatives. Man is a self-replicating machine. Though we often 'think' we have free will, the human condition is the result of some billion neurons, all firing off in a pre-determined manner.

Some thought articles:

Musk's Neralink

Interview between Jimmy Church and either Paul Hynek or Isaac Arthur titled "AI, ET's and Simulated Universe". Point taken is that we shouldn't be worried about AI becoming self-aware as much as the self-aware (humans) becoming AI. Elon Musks's Neuralink could connect the brain to the internet making knowledge instantaneous. Don't Panic- The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is almost available!

"The Adjustment Bureau" brought tears to one of the team here at LOGr. In discussion, between the RomCom application of the technology and the situational awareness implications. The thought of appealing for a different outcome in the form of instant karma.

Pattern Recognition is how humans evaluate situations and quickly rule out “bad” decisions. Software is getting better but continues to be limited perhaps for this very issue.

In case you can't upload, how about a space burial ...  Sophia Kunthara - "The industry can be split into three categories: ambience modification (mattresses, pillows, curtains, lighting, etc.), routine modification (things like sleep monitors, meditation, smart alarm clocks) and therapeutic treatment (sleep aids, apnea treatment devices, surgery, etc.),..." More sleep data here and government data here.

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