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So are they aliens or are they us or are they our creator lords and masters?

The LOGr staff got really amped when that fleet of UFO's was seen recently. We mused about where they came from and thought it's time to look at where and why. I'm sure there are other questions that'll come up.

Planet X or Planet 9 aka Nibiru

Other Possibilities

Way Back Machine


Father, Nibiru's leader - Anu and here

Half-siblings watching the earth

Beacons, Markers and Installations


Why Earth aka Eridu

Nibiru's Course

This is a story- there are no artifacts that conclusively find a truth but we believe this story fits the archeological finds. Our thoughts are inspired by Zacharia Sitchin's musings (though we haven't read the books just yet- heard it on George Noory), Gerald Clark and others.

  • The normal orbit of Nibiru sent it through our galaxy for eons without incident. The king of Nibiru- Anu, had 2 sons Enki and Enlil and a daughter Ninhamag, or Ninema.
  • As Nibiru passed through the planets there would be turbulence - floods, earthquakes odd magnetic events. There was a story I heard about Nibiru being on a counter-sink style orbit from Pluto.
  • The Anunaki live(d) for thousands of years. There were tablets found claiming the lords lived 38,000 years. Was their age the orbit of Nibiru as our age as earthlings is the number of earths orbits around the sun.
  • On previous passes the Anunaki may have previously inhabited Mars when Nibiru passed through the galaxy. They mined Earth for gold. Gold may have been needed for the atmospheric machinery on Nibiru. (Sea water on earth has 25 tons a cubic mile.)
  • Enki was placed in charge of Earth aka Eridu by Anu. Enki was the seas and life. Enlil was operations for Nibiru (landing sites, power, loading) and Ninema was something about the inside earth.
  • There was a planet, Ceres, between Mars and Earth. On one pass, Nibiru caused the destruction of Ceres which became the asteroid belt. That caused the destruction of Mars atmosphere.
  • Enki found early man on Earth. Enki manipulated early man’s DNA into an “adamo”, a drone to do the work. Also created a woman to allow for a self-replicating machine. DNA is the toolbox to run the autonomic functions (breathing, bodily functions). That Enki could trigger somehow to allow for new capabilities. It may be that when Nibiru returns that Enki will trigger us to do whatever it is we were created to do. The last encounter was about 5000 years ago.

Why Gold?

  1. Gold never oxidizes, never gets rusty and is shiny forever;
  2. Gold has been mined for over 5,000 years;
  3. Tutankhamen's coffin contained ~1.5 tonnes of gold;
  4. The WGC estimates that total above ground gold stocks stand at 197,576t, sufficient to satisfy global gold demand for 40+ years;
  5. Gold is virtually indestructible. Still though, If every single ounce of this gold were placed next to each other, the resulting cube of pure gold would only measure around 21 meters on each side;
  6. Illustrating how ductile gold is, a single ounce of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long;
  7. The first gold coins appeared around 700 BC;
  8. If all the gold in the world was pulled into a 5 micron wire, it could wrap around the earth 11.2 million times;
  9. The word "gold" comes from the Old English word "geolu," meaning yellow;
  10. In every cubic mile of sea water there is 25 tons of gold, equal to around 10 billion tons of gold in the oceans;
  11. Three James Bond movies have gold in the title: GoldenEye , Goldfinger, and The Man With The Golden Gun;
  12. The last Olympics which awarded medals made of solid gold was during summer 1912 in Stockholm;
  13. Modern day Olympic gold medals contain a minimum of six grams of gold and with the balance roughly 92.5% silver;
  14. There are more than 400 references to gold in the Bible; and
  15. Gold is becoming scarcer. The WGC estimates below ground gold reserves of 54,000t, which means “peak gold” was passed many years ago.

I asked myself this question, and then there's a voice in my head that said- "What was that question?". Suddenly I realized there is a creator of all. But that's not who created man.




re: Upload Me; I am AI, Am I AI

The LOGr staff was at our weekly now virtual throw-it-against-the-wall meeting when we realized that none of this may actually be happening. Is ‘this’ a simulation generated by a self-replicating machine to find the feasibility of alternatives.

Man is a self-replicating machine. Though we often ‘think’ we have free will, the human condition is the result of some billion neurons, all firing off in a pre-determined manner.

Some thought articles:

Musk’s Neralink

One of our team heard an interview between Jimmy Church and either Paul Hynek or Isaac Arthur titled “AI, ET’s and Simulated Universe”. Point taken is that we shouldn’t be worried about AI becoming self-aware as much as the self-aware (humans) becoming AI. Elon Musks’s Neuralink could connect the brain to the internet making knowledge instantaneous. Don’t Panic- The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is almost available!

The Adjustment Bureau” brought tears to one of the team here at LOGr. In discussion, between the RomCom application of the technology and the situational awareness implications. The thought of appealing for a different outcome in the form of instant karma.

Pattern Recognition is how humans evaluate situations and quickly rule out “bad” decisions. Software is getting better but continues to be limited perhaps for this very issue.

In case you can’t upload, how about a space burial

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re: AfricaTech

Arica not only provides the world’s suppy of lithium and cobalt, it’s also a huge potential market for technological solutions to leap-frogging the developing that 1st world participants had to endure. Solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage, satellite internet.

Starting this to keep articles of interest.

The Sustainability Politics of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Smart drones to be tested in battle against East Africa locust swarms

Drone farming to plant seeds Background article:

CommonBond is helping build schools for young students in the developing world. That’s a better way to do business.

re: HealthTech

The LOGr staff was discussing re: Monitoring us and thought we should start a string for medical related technology.

Medical Information


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Public images of you; Distributor breach

Betsy Swan DAILY BEAST – “In the notification, which The Daily Beast reviewed, the startup Clearview AI disclosed to its customers that an intruder “gained unauthorized access” to its list of customers, to the number of user accounts those customers had set up, and to the number of searches its customers have conducted. The notification said the company’s servers were not breached and that there was “no compromise of Clearview’s systems or network.” The company also said it fixed the vulnerability and that the intruder did not obtain any law-enforcement agencies’ search histories.”

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