LOGr uses an algorithm to search reliable sites and create a citation. You can choose to Save the results with the Share button. If you choose to save with Apple Notes or Trello, you can add your own text and attachments to edit later and share with your group.

You have a problem.

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You get information from different sites

You need to save sources and use citations

You want to keep your own notes, pdf’s and images and have it all together on any device

What do you do?

Here's the solution...


LOGr automates your search using reliable sites to get consistent results for better answers

LOGr collects the information as text then lets you use the Share button to to send an Email or create a Trello Board or Apple Note

LOGr knows!

LOGr is for you.

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Students researching papers requiring citations

Teachers discovering curriculum related materials

Parents curious about child matters

Investors deep dive into a subject

Research team collaboration

LOGr gives you answers!