LOGr is almost ready for Apple's App Store!

LOGr continues to work on the version to be released to the Apple App Store. Currently LOGr is beta testing in Apple Test Flight with four sources: Google Search, Twitter, Reddit, and Google News. Links provided then selected will open through the source. LOGr will create an MLA referenced citation for links resulting from a LOGr search and an Apple Notes app card or Trello Board with all resulting information.

Are you an Investor?

This version of the LOGr Research Assistant was designed as a consumer product. Please contact LOGr's founder for a pitch deck on the enterprise product.

LOGr was in the top 10 of Startup Tracker's April 2019 most viewed profiles!

LOGr Startup Tracker Top 10
Chandler Paris, LOGr's Founder and CEO
Chandler Paris

Chandler Paris started his career as an equity market trader and since Y2K has worked with Institutional Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts and Capital Market Traders to transform information analysis into actionable intelligence.

Chandler recently founded LOGr Research (http://LOGr-Research.com) with a mission to automate the collection, retention and development of information. LOGr's automatic academic citation (MLA) feature provides credit to source providers that insures an acceptable audit trail. A LOGr user focuses on the subject instead of the task.

In 2009, Chandler founded and continues to run BizTT (http://BizTT.com), a curated trending FinTech news site. BizTT uses LOGr technology to surface content that focuses on the editors choice of articles that are indicative of trends (or, oddly, is enough of an outlier that there's a correlation). A BizTT user gets targeted news from a 'former trader turned trading technologist' point of view.

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