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Here’s how it works
- Enter a few words (auto-save)
- Tap to view selection in browser
- Pull down updates all searches
- Save results to Share apps
- Tap for an MLA citation

Tap for MLA Citation and Website

LOGr Research App Views

Update All Searches


Save|Share All or Only New Results

LOGr Options

View Only New or All Results

LOGr Research Assistant

- Search terms entered are specially modified to get better results.
- Automatically saves each search and shows the number of results (option to Delete is available).
- Tap on the search to view results separated into groups by source (Twitter, Reddit, Google Search, Google News).
- Update all the saved searches with a simple pull on the screen.
- New results count is highlighted.
- Swipe the new results screen to see all results.
- Save results to any Share button app including Apple Notes. Use Trello? LOGr creates a Trello Board for your search with a card for each result. Add notes, documents and collaborate with others.
- Go directly to a single result using your default browser.
- Get an MLA citation with a tap.
- Select the sources you’d like to use in your search.
- Last five entered searches are in the search field and can be edited.

Your searches are not known to LOGr! The app is fully self-contained. When you pull on the screen to update all saved searches, it’s as if you started each search again. Please be patient- benchmark tests on ten saved searches takes less than two minutes and will continue even if you leave the app.

Students, Journalists, Academics, Industry Analysts, Researchers,  Bloggers and Writers - LOGr Is A Revolutionary Innovation In Content Generation!

Include your notes in Apple Notes, Email results to a friend or collaborate on a research project with a Trello board (cards for each result). And you get MLA citations with a tap!

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